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Seafood Pastas

Linguine con Gamberi

    • 18.50

Linguini with fresh shrimp sauteed in special marinara sauce.

Linguine con Gamberi Primavera

    • 19.95

Linguini with fresh shrimp, garlic and broccoli sauteed in olive oil.

Linguine con Calamari

    • 22.95

Linguine with fresh calamari sauteed in our special marinara sauce.

Linguine con Vongole Fresci

    • 22.25

Linguine with fresh baby clams sauteed in marinara or olive oil.

Linguine con Gamberi Provinciale

    • 18.99

Linguini with fresh shrimp, mushrooms and tomatoes sauteed with garlic butter and white wine sauce.

Linguine con Gamberi alla Diavolo

    • 18.50

Linguine with fresh shrimp sauteed with a fresh spicy tomato sauce.

Linguine Alla Pescatore

    • 32.99

Linguini with fresh shrimp, calamari and chopped clams sauteed in special marinara sauce.